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Phaez Amplifiers was founded by Randy Fay, a longtime audio gear developer. Fay began working on audio gear back in 1990, focusing at first on hi-fi audiophile tube equipment and custom speakers. Over the years, he slowly narrowed his focus to only custom guitar amps. To market these amps, Fay created Phaez Amplifiers.

Fay researched a number of different amps in his attempt to completely and thoroughly understand how amps work and how they produce the sounds they do. His research led to the creation of the Daisycutter circuit. This innovative high-gain amp is inspired by the "brown sound" (think early Van Halen) but adds the ability to clean up the guitar’s sound. Keeping the signal path as pure as possible was another of Fay’s goals, one which he achieved. Today, Phaez products are available in many different countries around the world and are really affordable. Here are just a few of the top Phaez Amps.

The Phaez Corona is a 25 watt amp that goes after the Fender Blackface vibe. It features a bright cap that is eased in instead of a switch.

The Phaez Daisycutter is available as an 8 watt, 25 watt, or 70 watt amp. As mentioned above It's Phaez’s high gain amp that is the product of years of Fay's experimentation.

The Phaez Dragonfly has 6V6 output tubes and features a clear channel also in the vein of the Fender Blackface circuit as well as an overdrive channel inspired by Dumble.

Finally, the Phaez Proximo is a 4XEL84 amp with extra body controls the size of the coupling cap following the first gain stage.

These amps are super reasonable so be sure to go to the Phaez Amplifiers website:

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March 3, 2011
Posted in Phaez Amplifiers — anthony @ 2:10 pm

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