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The Reason Amplifier Company was formed when two men, Obeid Kahn and Anthony Bonadio, realized they had the same dream. Bonadio had been thinking of building an amp, but he wanted it to stand out and be something different. There were just too many amps out there that were essentially clones of each other, and he didn’t want to build yet another one. Kahn, in the same town, had just built a circuit that was unique. The two soon met, and when they saw they were both working towards the same goal, they joined forces to create the Reason Amplifier Company.

Kahn had worked with the St. Louis Music Company for several years. There, he designed a number of tube amps for Crate and Ampeg, plus got experience running the business side of an amp company. He also built amps on the side, and he quickly gained a reputation for creating amazing products.

Bonadio, likewise, worked for a number of prestigious amp companies while chasing his dream of building his own amazing amp. He first based his own amp company out of his basement, but he always knew it would become something more.

Kahn’s circuit was similar to that of a multi-channel amp, but with several key differences. It is what powers Reason’s StackMode, which arranges two independent channels in a series, which allows for some real unique tone combinations.

We will feature the specific models in future articles, but for now you can hear a sampling in the videos below.

For more info be sure to check out the Reason website:

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April 12, 2011
Posted in Reason Amplifier Company — anthony @ 3:05 pm

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