Resonant Trophy Wife 30

Resonant Trophy Wife 30If you want a new amp that does a great job of capturing a real vintage amp sound, then you want to check out Resonant’s Trophy Wife 30. This amp doesn’t just copy the circuits of vintage amps. Instead, it takes what makes those amps unique, distills it to its purest form, and offers it up in a brand new amp. The Trophy Wife 30's unique alchemy blends a bit of metal-panel Marshall grind, a little AC30 chime, and the growl of a JTM45 to create a really versatile combo amp.

The Trophy Wife features two channels which Resonant likes to call the Blonde and the Brunette. The Blonde is very raw and bluesy but thick where it needs to be. It was inspired by the first wave of British amps. The Brunette, on the other hand, is articulate and aggressive with a tight low end, and in general has a wider range of subtlety to play with. It’s easy to get some sweet overdriven tones out of this amp, especially with its very intuitive control set. Just check out Wes from Resonant demo the Resonant Trophy Wife 30 at the bottom of this post.

Like all of Resonant’s amps, the Trophy Wife makes use of their engineering-first approach to creating circuits. It features top quality tubes, transformers, cabinets, and more to make an amp that not only sounds great but is also very sturdy. You won’t have any trouble hauling this amp around for gigs, but it also sounds great set up in your living room.

The amp comes with stock with EL84’s but you have the option to go with 6V6’s. It includes a two way output stage switch for Pentode(30 watt) and Triode(10 watt) and each channel features Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, Gain and a dedicated FX loop. Boost and EQ bypass are available on the Blonde channel only.

For more info be sure to check out the Resonant website:

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March 17, 2011
Posted in Resonant — anthony @ 5:18 pm

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