Richter Amp 5E3

The Richter Amp 5E3 is one of Richter’s top selling amps.  richter-amp-5e3It’s a version of the Fender 5E3, but it has Ricther’s special touch that makes it so much more than just a 5E3 clone.  It doesn’t include many advanced features that other, fancy amps have—there’s no reverb, no channel switching, no effects looping, but you do get three control knobs, two different input channels, and more.  The two input channel volume knobs can be used together to get some great tone variations, so the 5E3 can create some amazing sounds.  The amp was pretty much designed to put out some amazing tweed tones.

The Richter Amp 5E3 is great for many different types of music, and it works very well in the studio, at home, or at venues.  For those smaller venues, the 15 watts this amp produces is more than what you’ll need.  At low volumes, it puts out some very clean tones, but when you crank it up, it really shows you what it can do.  It goes from clean to edgy and back. (more...)

December 1, 2009
Posted in Richter Amps — anthony @ 6:47 pm

Richter Amps

Richter Amps makes a number of great products.  richter-ampsWhile there’s not much information on the company other than that it’s owned by Sara Richter, there are many reviews on their great amps available online.  These amps have proven to be very popular over the years and are used by many guitar players, both amateur and professional.

The Richter 5E3 amp is basically Richter’s updated version of the 5E3 produced by Fender.  It doesn’t have some modern features like reverb or effects looping, but it does have two input channels, three control knobs, and more.  You can get some great classic tweed tones out of it, even if it is a bit limited.  If you don’t mind skipping out on some of the newer additions to amps, this boutique amp may be what you need.

The KT77 has a lot of power behind it, and it features a normal and a bright channel, volume for each, and a master volume control.  It also has controls for presence, treble, and bass. The Richter KT77 delivers all the chime of a boutique tweed amp. (more...)

November 29, 2009
Posted in Richter Amps — anthony @ 9:05 pm

Richter Supra-Luxe 5E3 Tweed Deluxe 30W Boutique Amp

The Richter Supra-Luxe 5E3 Tweed Deluxe 30W Boutique Amp is a narrow panel, 30 watt amp that is great for gigs since it can offer a nice amount of volume.  richter-supra-luxe-5e3-tweed-deluxe-30w-boutique-ampIt has very clean headroom and features some modifications over the original 5E3 Deluxe model, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost any of the reasons why that amp was such a hit.  Instead, this newer version builds on everything that made the original great.  It uses a circuit that’s based on the 5E3 circuit that was used back in the late 1950s. Every part in this amp is top quality and rated excellent or better.

The Richter Supra-Luxe 5E3 uses four different types of tubes.  It has one 12AT7, one 12AX7, one GZ34, and two SED Winged C 6L6GC tubes.  As far as speakers go, it uses a twelve inch Jensen Jet Electric Lightening speaker.  This gives the amp a great sound and amazing volume.  As far as controls go, the 5E3 features two inputs, one for high input and one for low.  Likewise, there are two bright inputs, high and low.  The amp also has volume controls for normal volume and bright volume, plus a tone knob. (more...)

July 14, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Richter Amps — anthony @ 12:35 pm

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