Suhr Handwired Series All-Tube Amps

After several years of tweaking and experimentation Suhr has succeeded in delivering a fine collection of handwired all-tube amps. Working with some top players, including Michael Landau and Scott Henderson, John Suhr personally designed and wired these amps. The Suhr Handwired Series All-Tube Amps are based on some of the vintage British circuits from the 60s and 70s. These amps have the power, feel, and tone that you’d expect from a company like Suhr.

These amps are flexible and work well with just about any genre but are built for power. There are three different versions of the Handwired Series: the SH100, ML100, and the SE100. The SH100 is modeled on Scott Henderson’s 100 watt all-tube amp. It’s powerful yet dynamic and works well with pedals on the front end.

The ML100, on the other hand, was inspired by Michael Landau and is based on the OD-100 Classic Plus and has more gain than Henderson’s SH100.

Finally, the SE100 is what Suhr calls their hot rod amp. It's another high gain style amp and is well suited for harder rock and metal, although at lower volumes can work for blues.

The Suhr Handwired Series All-Tube Amps are available only from Suhr, and each one is personally built by John Suhr and is signed. You won’t see these amps all over the place, but for the serious player, they’re amazing. Each of the amps costs $3,200.

For more info be sure to check out the Suhr website:

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Reb Beach noodling away on a SH-100 (Scott Henderson Model Custom Audio Amp)

March 9, 2011
Posted in Suhr — anthony @ 9:01 pm

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