Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr

Swart Amps Atomic Space Tone is one of their best selling amps, but it’s a bit too much amp for some people.  The Space Tone Atomic Jr., however, is a smaller, lighter version of this powerful amp.  It’s get plenty of soul and a lot of power, so even though it’s smaller, it’s not any less of an amp than the original ST-6V6se.  The Jr. model contains the heart and soul of the ST-6V6se, but it also features a triode reverb stage that Swart spent over a year working on.  This stage uses a dedicated 12DW7 tube that feeds the signal into a spring tank, creating some major reverb.  In fact, you’d be surprised at just how loud and powerful the reverb from this small amp is.

The Atomic Jr. is a 5 watt Class A amp that uses one 6V6 tube for power.  It has two preamp tubes: a 12AX7 and a 12DW.  It uses an eight inch Weber Signature Ceramic speaker for the sound.  A spring reverb tank in the bottom of the amp provides all the reverb you could ever want.  The amp also features carbon comp resisters, a Switchcraft ¼ inch input and output, CTS potentiometers, and a solid pine cabinet.  It retails for $1,199.

For more info and some sound clips check out the Swart website: http://www.swartamps.com/amplifiers_st-atom.htm

Here's a nice demo of the Atomic JR by Humbucker Guitars


August 5, 2011
Posted in Swart Amplifiers — anthony @ 6:14 pm

Swart Amps

Swart amps was created by Michael Swart, a musician and recording engineer based out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Swart owned a 24 track recording studio in Wilmington, and he only used vintage tube amps for recordings.  swart-ampsHowever, while he often used Ampeg, Fender, and Vintage Vox amps for both his recordings and his live performances, he always felt like something was missing from these vintage amps.  They just didn’t give him the sound or tone that he wanted.

Because of this, Swart set out to create an amp that would feature all the distortion and tone that he wanted for recording in his studio while still maintaining the flexibility he needed.  The custom tube amps he started working on eventually lead him to creating the Space Tone, the first of Swart’s amps.  It worked perfectly for small studios, small venues, and for playing at home.  It gave off the large tone he wanted and provided the distortion necessary.  He followed this up with the Atomic Space Tone, and Swart Amps was born. (more...)

September 28, 2009
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Swart Atomic Space Tone Demo

The Swart Atomic Space Tone Demo is a great little amp that features some truly amazing reverb, breakup, and tremolo.  It features three preamp tubes—two 12 AX7s and a 12DW7—and a 12DS7 and 12AX7 for the parallel reverb.  swart-atomic-space-tone-demoThis gives the amp’s circuit very little insertion loss.  Just like all the other Swart amps, the Atomic Space Tone Demo features a ST-R that is tube rectified so that the AC filtering is excellent and has a very nice tone and compression.  This means the amp won’t have that harshness that many others do. (more...)

August 10, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Swart Amplifiers — anthony @ 6:44 pm

Swart Atomic Space Tone Demo

I love this little amp: amazing tremolo, reverb and the breakup is insane:

Check out our selection of Swart Amplifiers

Check out our selection of Swart Amplifiers

October 31, 2008
Posted in Boutique Amps,Product Demos,Swart Amplifiers — David @ 10:59 am

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