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If you just love the tone of a classic 1960s blackface Fender amp, but find the price tag a bit too steep, then you may want to look into Tube Tone amps. Tube Tone Amplifiers has created some really sweet blackface clones using the exacting methods originally pioneered by Leo Fender. Of course, there are a number of different blackface recreations on the market, but many of those use printed circuit boards that have very thin signal traces. These amps fail fairly quickly, especially with a lot of use. Tube Tone's point of difference is that they refuse to settle for these quick and easy production methods. Instead, all of their amps are hand soldered using lead free silver solder and cloth covered solid wire.

Tube Tone Amplifiers also hand picks components such as JJ power and preamp tubes, Mallory 150 caps, Carling switches, and more to deliver a superior product. Magnetic Components provides all the chokes and reverb transformers, and Heyboer constructs the output and power transformers.

The engineers at Tube Tone carefully studied all of Fender’s amps to get the best signal to noise ratio. They are very true to the original, but they’ve also added a few modern things here and there to bring the amp into the 21st century. One such addition is a line/record out jack. Another is that they use a separate bias adjustment pot for each power tube. This way, you never have to purchase matched sets of tubes.

Tube Tone produces a number of different Fender blackface recreations, in models that emulate the Super-Reverb, Twin-Reverb, Vibrolux-Reverb, ’59 Bassman, and the Deluxe-Reverb. Listen to the sweet demo of the "SuperVibe" below.

For more info check out the Tube Tone website:

Demo Videos On Tube Tone Amps


March 28, 2011
Posted in Tube Tone Amplifiers — anthony @ 5:55 pm

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