Two Rock Amps J-2

The J-2 from Two Rock Amps was created for their 10th anniversary.  two-rock-amps-j-2-boutique-ampThis amp, which is based on their Jet Signature Platform, features an all new design that brings in the dynamics and the feel of their 50 and 100 watt amps.  This includes a new reverb circuit, more response, separate master controls, and more.  The J-2 is available in two different packages.

The first features a 40 watt head powered by two 6L6 tubes.  It includes a 1-12 extension cab, footswitch, and cables, plus it comes with a special 10th anniversary t-shirt, hat, and logos.  The second package is a 40 watt amp that uses a 1-12 combo.  It also includes the special 10th anniversary items and cables. (more...)

February 25, 2010
Posted in Two Rock Amps — anthony @ 10:45 pm

Two Rock Amps

Two Rock Amps offers a number of different amps for the amateur and professional guitar player.  These amps include everything from the custom reverb signature model, Two Rock’s most popular model, to the new tenth anniversary amp collection, which includes a limited edition amp that is sure to become a sought after product.  two-rock-ampsSome of their amps, unfortunately, are out of production; however, Two Rock still has a good stock of current amps, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

Two Rock Amps was founded in 1999, although it went by the name K & M Analog Designs then.  Joe Mloganoski and Bill Krinard started the company, and both had many years of experience in the music industry.  Joe has over 40 years of guitar playing experience.  He started playing local venues when he was 18, and he’s continued ever since.  He has extensive knowledge of electronics and operated an electronic repair business for 13 years before he teamed up with Bill to begin working on amps and guitars. (more...)

October 13, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Two Rock Amps — anthony @ 10:10 am

Two Rock Emerald Boutique Amp

If you need an amp for just about every type of music out there, the Two Rock Emerald Guitar Boutique Amp is perfect for you.  It’s one of the most versatile amps out there, and it has a number of different effects.  two-rockYou can go for the standard model, or you can pick up a Custom Reverb Signature model that features an upgraded transformer for more headroom.  Either way, you’re getting a great amp. (more...)

June 20, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Two Rock Amps — anthony @ 4:42 am

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