ZT Amps – The Loudest Little Amps In The World

Many amp companies out there set out with a goal or vision, and that’s definitely the case with ZT Amps. They started out in 2008 with the goal of revolutionizing the small amplifier market. The result was a line of top quality, portable, compact amps that kick out a serious amount of sound. The ZT slogan says it all - "The Loudest Little Amps In The World".

The founder of ZT Amps is Ken Kantor. He has won more than a dozen different awards for design and engineering. After building amps for more than 30 years he is what you might call an acknowledged expert in the field.

ZT Amps may be a fairly new amp company, but they’ve already produced a number of different amps. The Lunchbox is one of their main designs. It comes in three varieties, the Lunchbox, Lunchbox Cab, and the Lunchbox Acoustic. This little amp weighs less than 10 pounds, but it has a peak output of 120 decibels. The same is true of the Club, a larger amp that expands on everything that makes the Lunchbox rock. Stay tuned as we will be featuring write-ups on the Club and the Lunchbox shortly.

For more info be sure to check out the ZT Amps website: http://www.ztamplifiers.com/

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April 14, 2011
Posted in ZT Amps — anthony @ 6:37 pm

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