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There are many different large boutique amp companies out there, and then there are the small, independent companies.  Zwengel Amps is one of these smaller ones.  In fact, they don’t even have a website to advertise and sell their products.  zwengel-ampsHowever, you can find some Zwengel Amps on other sites if you search hard enough.  While they may not offer a large variety of products, and finding information about them may be kind of difficult, there is information out there.

One of the main amps sold by Zwengel is the Banshee 50 212 Combo amp.  This amp is a two channel amp with 50 watts.  It’s incredibly loud, and it features a great amount of overdrive.  It’s all hand wired, of course, and it can stand toe to toe with any other boutique amp you can find. (more...)

October 24, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Zwengel Amps — anthony @ 5:21 pm

Zwengel Banshee 50 Boutique Amp

Looking for a nice boutique amp that’s fairly affordable as well?  The Zwengel Banshee 50 boutique amp is a 50 watt amp that is capable of providing great tone.  zwengel-banshee-50-boutique-ampThe Zwengel Banshee 50 is a two channel amp.  You’ll find both a vintage and a modern channel, both of which are provide powerful tones that are quite clear.  These amps are hand wired, but they were produced in a very limited quantity, so it can be hard to find one.

One of the unique parts of the Zwengel Banshee 50 is the Zwengel transformers.  The company worked on developing these transformers for almost a year so that they would create a smooth top end but still have a huge bottom.  This means the Zwengel Banshee 50 will continue to keep its dynamic character no matter how hard you drive it.  The metal and over-rated carbon film resistors are made out of highly selected materials, as well.  Just about everything in the Zwengel Banshee has been handmade, hand selected, and hand built to provide the ultimate in power. (more...)

June 9, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Zwengel Amps — anthony @ 8:30 am

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