ChromeDomeAudio Tone Philosopher 20 Vintage Gain

If you'd like to be able to dial in both British and American gain in one amp, then ChromeDomeAudio's Tone Philosopher might be something you want to check out. Think vintage AC-30 meets Tweed / Blackface era Fender. The Tone Philosopher 20 Vintage Gain has a truly loud tone without any of that arena hall volume. The amp features a preamp section inspired by some of the classic British amps. It has great sustain, a decent amount of headroom and a versatile and vintage sounding overdrive. As far as controls are concerned, the TP 20 uses the same layout as other Tone Philosopher amps, including gain, volume, treble, bass, and presence knobs.

The TP 20 also features a hi-gain switch so you can lets you easily tweak how much front end drive the amp has. It also features a C-Cap switch that swaps between American and British values for the preamp frequency response. The T-Cap switch lets players decide between two different values in the treble section, while the Slope switch changes the frequency emphasis in the tone stack. You can also use the M-Cap to select three different tone stack cap values for mid range. All of these controls let you customize your sound so that it’s uniquely yours.

The Tone Philosopher 20 uses two 12AX7 tubes and two 6V6GT tubes for preamp. It also makes use of a Warehouse Guitar Speaker Veteran 30. This is a really versatile and powerful new amp and at $799 it's more than a pretty good value.

For more info be sure to check out the ChromeDomeAudio website:

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February 21, 2011
Posted in ChromeDomeAudio — anthony @ 9:27 pm

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