Demeter FOD-1 Fat Overdrive

The Demeter FOD-1 Fat Overdrive is an interesting combination of the classic fat midboost/control and the standard Demeter Overdrive.  demeter-fod-1-fat-overdriveThis combination creates one of the top distortion/overdrive pedals around.  Looking for some great fat crunch?  Want to add extra fuzzy distortion to your tone?  The Demeter FOD-1 Fat Overdrive can do both plus more.  The Demeter FOD-1’s midboost can move from thin to thick.  The pedal can also throw out some edgy clean tones, filthy sound, and much more.  Put it in silicon mode and you’ll really see just how versatile this pedal can be. (more...)

June 8, 2009
Posted in Demeter Pedals,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 2:44 pm

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