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Jeff Bober is one of the most renowned and innovative amp designers in the U.S., and now he offers up his years of experience and creativity in a line of products from East Amplification. His new company began in 2010, as a natural evolution of the work he has created to date. East amps have an amazing, unique voice while still retaining much of the feel, sound and vibe of classic vintage amps.

Bober began his career in the mid 80s. At first, he worked for different artists repairing and modifying their amps. He worked for Precision Audio Tailoring at first, and during that time, he actually had the chance to build equipment for Stevie Ray Vaughan. During the 90s, Bober worked for a company in Washington DC. There, he produced a small combo amp called the Fenton Basic 110. This was the amp that brought him to the attention of Scot Sier, and the two created a new company called Budda Amplification in 1995.

While at Budda, Bober built the Twinmaster amp, an 18 watt amp that was like no other. It wasn’t a clone of any other amp but had a unique old school character in a time when 50 and 100 watt amps were the norm. While it didn’t catch on at first, soon many players saw what the Twinmaster had to offer and jumped on it. In 2009, after being purchased by Peavey, Bober left Budda amps to start East Amplification.

The first amp from East Amplification is the Studio2, a full featured, versatile amp designed for recording and for playing in small venues. It’s only a 2 watt amp, but like the Twinmaster, Bober has wrung every bit of power and sound from it. It’s only the first of what is sure to be a great line of amps from East Amplification and Jeff Bober. The studio 2 is available as both a combo and head. More recently he released the club which is a 18 watt amp that also comes in both combo and head.

For more info check out the demo videos below or the East website:


February 17, 2011
Posted in East Amplification — anthony @ 1:25 pm

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