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FoXX Guitar Effects PedalsFoxx Pedals offers a variety of great pedals at a decent price.  They plan on bringing back the entire line of Foxx products by faithfully recreating every piece of classic gear they built their name on.  Of course, they also plan on building new products that carry the Foxx tradition forward. At this time, Foxx Pedals offers three classic products.  The first is the Tone Machine.  While it was only made for a few years during the 70s, this little pedal was very popular.  Players like Peter Frampton and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbsons used the Tone Machine to fashion their unique tone and sound. Today, the Tone Machine is used by groups like Nine Inch Nails and players like Beck.

The next Foxx product is the Foot Phaser.  It is an oft-requested product that really cranks out the rock.  It can provide a very smooth effect or a wildly undulating sound depending on what setting you use. Finally, there’s the Fuzz Wah Volume pedal.  This multi-effects pedal features the sound of a wah with the fuzz of the Tone Machine.  It provides users with everything from a dirty blues sound to a funky wail.

You can purchase directly from the FoXX website or check out some of the latest deals on Ebay in our store:

Here are some video demos of Foxx Products: (more...)

February 9, 2011
Posted in Foxx Pedals — anthony @ 6:16 pm

HipKitty Guitar Effects Pedals Review

HipKitty has been in business since 1987, and they have never wavered in keeping their promises of selling amazing hand-crafted, hand-painted pedals.

Why buy from HipKitty?  Well, in addition to producing some of the best effects pedals around, you’re guaranteed to get a unique piece of gear.  Because they hand-paint everything, no two of their pedals are ever exactly the same.  Some may have different colored buttons, be a slightly different shade, or even look almost like a completely different device!  Their component boards are all hand etched and populated, too, and their amps are all wired in-house.  This means HipKitty can insure that everything is done to their exacting standards.

Everything purchased from HipKitty comes with their limited lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can return the product (unless, of course, you go in and try to modify or fix it yourself!).

So what does HipKitty make?  The Glaze is one of their top overdrive/boost pedals.  It provides warm, clear tones, and the added harmonic content allows players to put a glaze on their upper register notes.

Then there’s the Caffeine Boost, a powerful boosting unit that can also function as an overdrive.  It features a tone control that gives it a lot of flexibility.

A third great device is the Java Distortion.  It’s the pedal that really put HipKitty on the map.  This two-channel distortion pedal can layer the overdrive with some fuzzy tones, while the Rhythm channel features the drive control for true sound control.

These are just a few of HipKitty’s outstanding devices.  If you’re looking for a different sort of pedal that’s truly going to look different from any other pedal out there, this is the company for you.

For more information you can visit the HipKitty Website


February 1, 2011
Posted in HipKitty — anthony @ 1:12 pm

GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive

GNI combines two very powerful pedals into one with the GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive. This overdrive pedal features two 3-position switches, one for each drive. Each switch has Simple Overdrive, Super OD, or Hyper OD modes (marked O, S, and H respectively). This allows players to set one overdrive to one setting and the other to a different setting, with a drive select button allowing them to switch instantly between the two. You can go from slightly clean, to slightly dirty to full on with one pedal! The DD1 also has True Buffer Bypass, like all of the GNI pedals do. The buffer helps to lower the impedance of the signal, which in turn preserves the level and the high end.

All of the controls are very clearly marked and laid out nicely. For anyone who finds themselves needing two drives at once, the DD1 is the perfect piece of machinery. What’s even better, the cost of the GNI DD1 Dual Drive isn’t incredibly high. It will cost you $249.00.


January 27, 2011
Posted in GNI — anthony @ 1:25 pm

Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive

The Sansamp British Overdrive by Tech 21 might look like a little pedal, but it’s got a big sound.  The Sansamp British really pulls out those amazing British rock tones—we’re talking everything you can think of.  As part of Tech 21’s new Character Series, you’ll find that the Sansamp British has some things in common with the other pedals yet it is a pedal of its own.  Like the others, the Sansamp British uses only high quality materials and is built by total pros.

If it’s great British tones you need, then the Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive is what you want.  In addition to a character and drive control, the pedal also has mid, level, low, and high dials.  You’ll find that it really brings out the British flavor—so much so that you’ll start to have an accent.  The Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive retails for $149.00. (more...)

January 3, 2011
Posted in Tech 21 — anthony @ 6:09 pm

Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive Pedal

One of the unique looking pedals on the market today is the Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive Pedal.  This four knob pedal excels at both overdriving mildly distorted amps while at the same time providing soft distortion or light overdrive on very clean sounds.  One of the most unique features of the Sky Blue is the ability to adjust the dynamics and the feel using the Z and the Texture knob.  The Z knob creates an adjustable load to any instrument on the SBOD input.  The knob allows players to change the upper resonant peak or adjust how the tone is cleaned.  On the other hand, the Texture knob lets players change how the circuit distorts the sound. (more...)

December 21, 2010
Posted in Mad Professor — anthony @ 4:20 pm

Pigtronix Aria Distortion Overdrive Pedal

One of the latest distortion overdrive pedals by Pigtronix is the Pigtronix Aria Distortion pedal.  While it’s based on diode clipping, the Aria puts a new spin on an old idea to create some very warm, tube amp-like overdriven sounds.  The pedal is touch responsive and very dynamic, adjusting easily to whatever vibe you throw at it.  The pedal features true bypass and has an 18v power supply.

One thing that makes the Pigtronix Aria Distortion different from other pedals is that it uses a three band 12db/octave active EQ.  This provides maximum tonal flexibility and lets the Aria truly make some unique and different sounds.  It also gives the pedal the flexibility to create some wildly filtered effects, providing a wide range of tonal versatility.  When the three tonal controls are all set straight up, the Pigtronix Aria goes into complete transparency mode.  This gives the player the ability to customize the overdrive tone as they see fit.

With this pedal, you can capture an amazing gritty blues sound, or some great sparkly chime, and much, much more.  For the bass players out there, this pedals makes for some great fuzz type bass overdrive.  If you need an amazingly versatile overdrive pedal, the Pigrtonix Aria Distortion is certainly one to look at.  It retails for $149.

November 27, 2010
Posted in Pigtronix — anthony @ 4:22 pm
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