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David Barber founded Barber Electronics as a way of turning his hobby into a career. barber-electronics He had built, modified, and restored amps and other musical instruments for years, and he had always been chasing that expressive tone.  To find it, he began created a line of different effects and amps for bass and guitar players.  The pedals created by Barber Electronics feature only the best components, and Barber technicians use specific construction methods that only Barber Electronics use.  These innovative techniques that
Barber has pioneered have made them a leader in the industry.

Barber Electronics has created its own unique circuit designs, and they don’t copy any older designs.  This gives them a unique tone, texture, note definition, and more.  You won’t hear anything similar to a Barber Electronics pedal anywhere.  Their hand-made products are very flexible and can produce a variety of different tones, textures, and functions. (more...)

November 1, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 6:00 pm

Barber LTD Overdrive Pedal

If you’re looking for a pedal that features a very transparent overdrive and is focused mainly on the lower and medium gain range, the you may want to take a look at the Barber LTD Overdrive Pedal.  barber-ltd-overdrive-pedalCreated by Barber Electronics, this pedal will help you keep your guitar’s natural sound without any midrange hump—it provides you with pure overdrive with no side effects.  Creating a balanced tone is very easy thanks to the interactive center tone EQ.  When you turn the center tone EQ up, you’ll find that it boosts your treble very nicely while cutting the bass.  Turn it down and your low end gets boosted while the treble is cut.  This created a wide variety of tone options.  The Barber LTD Overdrive pedal is, naturally, capable of true bypass switching so it can provide transparent bypass operation. (more...)

May 18, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 8:51 am

Barber Direct Drive Overdrive Pedal

As with all of the great Barber Electronics products, the Barber Direct Drive Overdrive pedal is an original design that can’t be found anywhere else.  barber-direct-drive-overdrive-pedalThe Direct Drive Overdrive Pedal features some amazing clarity and a great dynamic response.  It’s unrivalled as far as harmonic response and string separation goes.  This pedal can provide some great blues overdrive to some flat out amazing Marshall type gain—it’s everything you could ever want as far as both vintage and modern tones go. (more...)

May 14, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 7:44 am

Barber Direct Drive LG Overdrive Pedal

Barber creates a number of great pedals, and one of their more popular models is the Barber Direct LG Overdrive Pedal.  barber-direct-drive-lg-overdrive-pedalThis pedal was actually inspired by a pedal created by the Barber Custom Shop for one particular client.  The shop was so impressed by the custom pedal that they decided to use its design to create this low gain version of their Direct Drive pedal.  Both the high gain Direct Drive and the Direct Drive LG share a number of features, but the low gain version has more response and dynamics.  The Barber Direct Drive LG focuses more on tone, especially accurate, dynamic tones, and less on crunch and volume. (more...)

May 11, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 4:28 am

Barber Custom Cool Overdrive

The Barber Custom Cool Overdrive Pedal brings several new features to the Barber Custom line.  barber-custom-cool-overdriveIt’s a part of the B-Custom brand name, the name given to all pedals created by the Barber custom shop under the direction of Ronni Santmyer.  Unlike the standard Barber pedals, the B-Custom line features limited editions or one-time custom creations designed to meet players’ requests for pedals that could capture every nuance, detail, and sound.  The B-Custom pedals deliver everything a serious player could want while not costing a huge amount of money. (more...)

May 7, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 5:43 am

Burn Unit EQ Overdrive Pedal

If you want a very versatile pedal that will let you switch between two channels quickly, you should check out the Barber Burn Unit EQ Overdrive Pedal. burn-unit-eq-overdrive-pedal This pedal brings in many different features and allows you to quickly and easily go from something like a blues overdrive to full saturation to almost pure distortion.  The Barber Burn Unit comes with the Dynamics control, a unique feature that allows you to dial up compression for crunch and sustain.  To add in versatility, the interactive Tone dial allows you to cover just about any tone that you’d ever want. (more...)

May 4, 2009
Posted in Barber Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 6:45 am
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