Blackstar HT Drive

UK effects manufacturers produce a number of great pedals to offer the world, and one of them is the Blackstar HT Drive.  blackstarThis overdrive pedal features great vintage overdrive, creamy, warm, and rich saturation, and more.  It uses dual cascaded ECC83 high voltage triode stages that allow it to move from the subtle boost to a valve saturation without adding any fizz to the sound.  The lack of fizz is all thanks to the A-Class tone control.  It produces only a nice, saturated tone that compliments your instrument.

This incredibly dynamic overdrive pedal will have you thinking of a great tube amp. The volume and tone knobs give you the flexibility to really zone in on the right blend, and the high integrity buffered bypass will give you all the overdrive you want without any of the coloring you don’t.  For direct recordings, the Blackstar HT Drive features speaker emulated output that sounds amazing. (more...)

March 23, 2010
Posted in Blackstar — anthony @ 10:10 am

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