Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Review

Do you love that classic blues sound?  What about the sound of an overdriven vintage tube amp?  How about combining them into one amazing pedal?  That’s what the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver does.  It gives you an amazing blues sound that could come straight from a vintage tube amp, but it’s all done in one compact pedal.  boss-bd-2-blues-driverThis pedal features many different textures that you can apply to your tone.  Need a screamer?  How about a great warm distortion?  You can get both.  You will also find that the Boss BD-2 provides more responsiveness than many other distortion pedals.  The pedal features controls for tone, gain, and level.  You can get everything from subtle overdrive to some incredible amp tones from this little pedal—it all depends on what you want to use it for.  The sounds you can get from this pedal will certainly make many people sit up and pay attention, especially once that great vintage amp sound kicks on. (more...)

November 1, 2009
Posted in Boss,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 5:59 pm

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