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The Catalinbread line of pedals offers players many different options.  The company has produced some amazing devices, including the new Dirty Little Secret pedal.  It is one of the most popular pedals the company has created, but it’s just one of their many products.  catalinbreadIf you’re looking for some very interesting pedals that will provide some very different tones, you need a Catalinbread pedal.

The pedals at Catalinbread are designed by Nic, the creator of the company.  He and his team use only top quality parts in creating their pedals, and all of their devices are designed with players and their needs in mind.  Their pedals range from the Super Chili Picoso, which features the Mosfet Boost circuit designed by Jack Orman, to the SFT, or the Stands For This pedal.  It’s a great pedal for anyone who is looking for tones from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.  Then there’s the Heliotrope pedal, a pedal that is a mixture of a harmonizer, ring modulator, bit crusher, and more.  It’s a very versatile pedal that can do a lot for just about any player.

Other pedals by Catalinbread include the Serrano Picaso.  This simple pedal provides 30 decibels of boost without taking up much space.  Then there’s the Semaphore Tremolo, a great pedal for those who like a lot of tremolo sound without any coloring of their tone.  Need to boost or cut just about any frequency?  Then you need the Varioboost Preamplifier.  Finally, there’s the Teaser Stallion, a distortion pedal that provides sounds from mellow to blistering. (more...)

November 5, 2009
Posted in Catalinbread,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 11:52 am

Catalinbread HyperPak

Have an amp without a dirty channel?  catalinbread-hyperpakLooking for an overdrive pedal to go with it?  Then check out the Catalinbread HyperPak.  This ultra-compact pedal doesn’t have as many controls as some of the other pedals out there, but it still has some excellent settings and capabilities.  Some people may dismiss the HyperPak just because it has fewer controls and knobs, but don’t judge this book by its cover.  In fact, the HyperPak provides some awesome tones and is very easy to brighten with the right settings.  This pedal provides a great dynamic distortion that sounds quite nice at any volume.  The Catalinbread HyperPak features a very good amount of output as well, allowing you to really crank up your amp and go into full overdrive or turn up the drive and drop the volume to add even more sound to a larger amp. (more...)

May 21, 2009
Posted in Catalinbread,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 9:33 am

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