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Cusack Effects’ goal is to create the best sounding equipment possible. cusack-effects Its founder, an electrical engineer, began searching for that perfect, right tone, and he spent years working to find it.  Today, that tone has been found, and Cusack Effects creates some of the top quality products in the industry.

For those who need more volume on their guitar, the More Louder pedal is perfect for you.  It features buffered and true bypass and gain boost.  The buffered bypass will highlight sounds that you may have never noticed before thanks to its impedance buffer.

The Screamer Fuzz V2 brings gives you everything that the original Cusack Screamer did but with the addition of a fuzz knob.  When you completely turn down the fuzz, the pedal works just like a screamer, and when you turn down the screamer, you’ve got a great fuzz pedal.  It’s an amazing two in one pedal that also gives you the option of mixing the two sounds.  Of course, if you aren’t interested in fuzz, the Screamer V2 is still available and provides all the amazing tone and clean overdrive you could ever want. (more...)

November 16, 2009
Posted in Cusack Effects — anthony @ 10:37 pm

Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2

Looking for one of the top Cusack pedals for your guitar?  cusack-screamer-fuzz-v2Then you’ll want to check out the Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2.  The V2 part of the name is because this is the second, updated model of the Cusack Screamer Fuzz, and it includes everything that the first version had plus more.  It adds a very unique, different kind of fuzz to your tone, but unlike the first model, it doesn’t feature a tone knob.  Still, you can get all the fuzz the first Screamer produced—turn down the fuzz, and you’ve got a screamer with a nice middle tone.  Turn the screamer way down, and you’ve got a full fuzz pedal.  Mix the two, and this pedal will create some incredible sound combinations.  This is one pedal that’s great to experiment with because you never know what tone or sound you’ll get. (more...)

June 1, 2009
Posted in Cusack Effects,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 2:46 pm

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