Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver Supreme

While Death by Audio’s Interstellar Overdriver is one amazing pedal, nothing can compare to the Interstellar Overdriver Surpreme, which combines two of the standard pedals into one.  In addition to featuring two Overdrivers, it also has some additional functions, including the diode switch.  interstellar-overdriver-supremeThis allows you to turn the germanium diode clip on or off, giving you the ability to adjust the tone as you like.  Then there’s the six position rotary switch.  All in all, this thin little overdriver features two normal overdrivers, a bass overdrive, a octafuzz, an oscillating fuzz, and a voltage controlled fuzz / tremolo. (more...)

November 1, 2009
Posted in Death by Audio,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 6:01 pm

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