Demeter DD-1 Double D Overdrive

There are many amazing pedals out there for guitarists, and the Demeter DD-1 Double D Overdrive is one of them.  demeter-dd-1-double-d-overdriveThis sweet pedal was created by Demeter to meet the many different demands of guitarists who simply weren’t satisfied with pedals that were currently on the market.  The DD-1 Double D gives guitarists two different overdrive channels, allowing them to bring in some hot lead and amazing rhythm with the same pedal.  The DD-1 also features what Demeter calls the Overdrivulator channel.  This channel is great for anyone who loves the sound of chunky rhythms, and it’s possible to change the sound from light overdrive to full crunch. (more...)

November 5, 2009
Posted in Demeter,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 11:52 am

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