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Diamond Pedals was founded by an electronics technologist and an electrical engineer who both loved to play music.  diamond-pedalsThey are both guitarists, and over they years the two have used many different production and boutique pedals.  However, they always found themselves improving and modifying the quality of their store bought pedals.  Diamond Pedals was established with the goal of creating innovative new features that improved the sound quality of pedals.  They don’t want to create clones of other pedals—they want to create new devices that guitarists will love.

Diamond Pedals has a number of different products, but one of their most famous ones is the Memory Lane 2.  It’s based on a classic analog delay pedal, but it has many other features as well, including tap tempo and modulation.

The Diamond Halo Chorus is another unique pedal.  It provides pitch modulation, delay, and phase modulation chorus along with true bypass, stereo in and out, and more.  It even has an autoconfigurable input and output. (more...)

November 24, 2009
Posted in Diamond Pedals — anthony @ 8:50 am

Diamond Pedals J-Drive MK3 Boost/Overdrive Pedal

The Diamond Pedals J-Drive MK3 Boost/Overdrive Pedal is one of Diamond Pedals most innovative designs.  diamond-pedals-j-drive-mk3-boostoverdrive-pedalThe plan was to create a pedal that would allow players to mix both a clean boost and an overdrive pedal and be able to use both functions together or individually.  The result was much more than they expected.  The J-Drive allows you to boost your rhythm tones for playing clean or ramp up your overdrive for your solos.  You can also use the overdrive as the main source of your tone and add boost when needed.  The J-Drive’s clean boost can also work as a classic treble booster, too.  The J-Drive, like all the Diamond Pedals products, is made using only the highest quality components and equipment. (more...)

November 8, 2009
Posted in Diamond Pedals,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 10:26 pm

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