DNA Analogic VT-1 Virtual Tube Overdrive Pedal

The DNA Analogic VT-1 Virtual Tube Overdrive Pedal is a great overdrive effects pedal that is capable of providing that classic overdrive that is associated with vintage tube amps.  dna-analogic-vt-1-virtual-tube-overdrive-pedalThe pedal recreates the sound with amazing clarity and realism, but it can do more than that.  It also adds warmth and fatness to your tone and can even function as a drive channel for a clean amp.  The pedal does more—it can work as a booster to work high gain amps.  How does it do this?  First of all, it uses the JRC2043 IC op amp, which is of a higher quality than the standard JRC4558 IC that most pedals use.  Second, it uses hand-selected germanium diodes.  These diodes actually distort at the lower voltage, which in turn creates a more dynamic and more natural overdrive effect.  These diodes let the pedal go from fuzzy to very clean by simply changing your guitar’s volume.  It also flawlessly responds picking dynamics. (more...)

December 5, 2009
Posted in DNA — anthony @ 3:19 pm

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