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Durham Electronics is a small pedal company based in Austin, Texas.  durham-electronicsThey originally began building pedals for Charlie Sexton, the Grammy-award winning producer and musician.  Their goal was to create pedals that sounded great and had all the tone Sexton needed without being huge and unwieldy.  While their catalog of pedals may be fairly small, each and every pedal created by Durham Electronics is designed with the player in mind.

The Crazy Horse pedal is one of the most versatile fuzz/distortion pedals you’ll find.  It features controls for drive, fuzz, tone, volts, and level, plus it has true bypass and is completely hand built and wired.

The Sex Drive pedal was designed to provide nothing but clean boost while still providing some extra sustain and bottom end.  This pedal’s boost doesn’t affect the amp’s natural tone at all, nor does it add any of that nasal-like tone that some clean boost pedals cause.

The Mucho Boosto pedal is based on the same circuit used in the Sex Drive, but it features a more active tone control.  It has both thin and fat controls and can create an amazing compressed overdriven sound.  The Mucho Boosto is now available in a smaller version that provides more level and gain. (more...)

December 7, 2009
Posted in Durham Electronics — anthony @ 9:00 pm

Durham Electronics Mucho Boosto Overdrive Pedal

Durham Electronics has created a number of different pedals over the years.  One of their most popular is the Durham Electronics Mucho Boosto Overdrive Pedal.  durham-electronics-mucho-boosto-overdrive-pedalThis pedal features the same circuit used in the infamous Durham Electronics Sex Drive pedal.  However, the two don’t share many other commonalities.  The Mucho Boosto pedal has much more gain than the Sex Drive, but it features less transparency.  This created a great overdrive pedal that features amazing tone and harmonic output.  Instead of featuring a compression switch, this pedal has a thin/fat switch that helps voice the pedal to match your guitar.  The pedal also doesn’t have true bypass; instead, it’s got a very high quality buffer circuit.  This means there won’t be any colouring of your tone at all. (more...)

June 12, 2009
Posted in Durham Electronics,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 9:07 am

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