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Based in Akron, Ohio, EarthQuaker Devices is a small company that dedicated to making top quality boutique pedals.  Their line of products includes eight different effects pedals.

earthquaker-devicesThe Black Eye clean boost pedal adds some sparkle to your tone while boosting it so that it cuts and gives your lead sound a nice mostly transparent boost.  Depending of the size and wattage of the amp this pedal can either push it into some nice natural overdrive or provide a nice natural sounding clean boost.

The Dirt Transmitter, on the other hand, is an amazing fuzz pedal.  Its tones go from slight break-up to full on fuzz with the twist of a dial.  This fuzz pedal does not add any extra noise to the tone, even when you’ve got the volume way up.

If you want some vintage reverb in your tone, you need to check out the Ghost Echo pedal.  It adds some incredible depth to your sound, a depth that you can fine tune so that it sounds exactly like you want it to.

The Grand Orbiter phase machine is an impressive looking pedal with four major knobs on it.  You control the depth, the rate, the sweep, and the resonance of your sound, and you can cut out the dry signal for an interesting vibrato effect as well.

The Hoof fuzz pedal is an easy to use fuzz pedal that provides you with gritty, warm overdrive or a great, sustaining fuzz.  It can also bring out huge, massive amounts of volume at the touch of a knob.  The shift control allows you to control the tone as well. (more...)

December 18, 2009
Posted in Earthquaker Devices — anthony @ 9:34 am

EarthQuaker Devices Black Eye Clean Boost Pedal

Do you need a pedal that simply does one thing very well?  If so, and if that one thing is to be a single mosfet boost pedal, then you need the EarthQuaker Devices Black Eye Clean Boost Pedal.  earthquaker-devices-black-eye-clean-boost-pedalThis device adds up to 30 decibels of transparent boost plus puts some sparkle in your tone.  Using the Black Eye Clean Boost Pedal will give your guitar a great new sound that can’t be duplicated by any other device out there.

As one would expect, this EarthQuaker Devices pedal is very easy and simple to operate.  By adjusting the level knob, you’ll be able to add or remove more boost from the front end of the amp.  You’ve also get an internal trim to control the amount of gain.  This is great for many guitars, especially vintage instruments that feature a fairly low output on the pickups.  Since it’s not a distortion pedal, you don’t have to worry about any signal distortion—the sound and tone are very simple and dry.  You can, though, use the pedal to get your amp to produce some singing distortion or make it boost your very clean signal. (more...)

June 15, 2009
Posted in Earthquaker Devices,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 10:27 am

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