Effectrode Audiophile Pedals

Effectrode Audiophile Pedals is a company dedicated to building completely unique pedals that use 100% analog vacuum tube technology.  effectrode-audiophile-pedalsThese tubes create circuitry that is capable of real signal processing and can work at amp voltages.  The pedals all feature a great, rich tone that will no doubt blow some players’ minds.  They’re dynamic, versatile, and are capable of being used in the studio, on stage, and just about anywhere.

The team behind Effectrode set out to design pedals that made use of the tone, simplicity, and sound of vintage tube equipment.  To this end, they don’t use any transistors in their pedals; instead, they use nothing but tubes.  This makes their pedals sound very different from others.  They provide a warmth and a clarity of tone that is astonishing.  Players love hearing what these all-tube pedals are capable of producing, and they know that any pedal from Effectrode is going to be made with only the highest quality parts and equipment.  Effectrode is so dedicated to quality that they back each and every pedal they build with a five-year guarantee. (more...)

January 9, 2010
Posted in Effectrode — anthony @ 2:27 pm

Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal

The Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal is a Class A overdrive that features three different preamp tubes to create some incredibly stunning sounds.  effectrode-tube-drive-overdrivedistortion-pedalThe three triode vacuum tubes come together to make a sound that is very smooth.  The Effectroide Tube has a single drive knob that gives you complete control over all six gains levels, giving you the ability to go from a natural gain to a mild overdrive to the incredibly saturated tones that make up the higher range of this pedal.  The Effectrode Tube gives you everything of a great overdrive but it ends up sounding more like a boutique amp’s preamp, something many musicians have been looking for. (more...)

November 16, 2009
Posted in Effectrode,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 10:00 am

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