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FoXX Guitar Effects PedalsFoxx Pedals offers a variety of great pedals at a decent price.  They plan on bringing back the entire line of Foxx products by faithfully recreating every piece of classic gear they built their name on.  Of course, they also plan on building new products that carry the Foxx tradition forward. At this time, Foxx Pedals offers three classic products.  The first is the Tone Machine.  While it was only made for a few years during the 70s, this little pedal was very popular.  Players like Peter Frampton and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbsons used the Tone Machine to fashion their unique tone and sound. Today, the Tone Machine is used by groups like Nine Inch Nails and players like Beck.

The next Foxx product is the Foot Phaser.  It is an oft-requested product that really cranks out the rock.  It can provide a very smooth effect or a wildly undulating sound depending on what setting you use. Finally, there’s the Fuzz Wah Volume pedal.  This multi-effects pedal features the sound of a wah with the fuzz of the Tone Machine.  It provides users with everything from a dirty blues sound to a funky wail.

You can purchase directly from the FoXX website or check out some of the latest deals on Ebay in our store:

Here are some video demos of Foxx Products: (more...)

February 9, 2011
Posted in Foxx Pedals — anthony @ 6:16 pm

FoXX Tone Machine

There are two different FoXX Tone Machines out there.  There’s the original that was produced back in 1974.  This vintage guitar pedal has been around for years, but finding one is quite difficult these days.  The fact that many guitar players still use it is a testimony to FoXX’s dedication to creating durable, powerful products that sound perfect more than 30 years later.  Very few players want to sell these vintage Tone Machines since they’re so good, so you won’t find many up for grabs.  foxxtonemachineIf you do see one, you’ll have to pay a hefty price for it.  The FoXX Tone Machine vintage pedal is an amazing fuzz pedal, and if you find one, grab it. (more...)

August 11, 2009
Posted in Foxx Pedals,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 9:30 pm

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