GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive

GNI combines two very powerful pedals into one with the GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive. This overdrive pedal features two 3-position switches, one for each drive. Each switch has Simple Overdrive, Super OD, or Hyper OD modes (marked O, S, and H respectively). This allows players to set one overdrive to one setting and the other to a different setting, with a drive select button allowing them to switch instantly between the two. You can go from slightly clean, to slightly dirty to full on with one pedal! The DD1 also has True Buffer Bypass, like all of the GNI pedals do. The buffer helps to lower the impedance of the signal, which in turn preserves the level and the high end.

All of the controls are very clearly marked and laid out nicely. For anyone who finds themselves needing two drives at once, the DD1 is the perfect piece of machinery. What’s even better, the cost of the GNI DD1 Dual Drive isn’t incredibly high. It will cost you $249.00.


January 27, 2011
Posted in GNI — anthony @ 1:25 pm

GNI AS1 Amp Simulator

If you need a great two in one pedal that can function both as a booster pedal, an amplifier simulator, or both, then you need the GNI AS1 Amp Simulator.  gni-as1-amp-simulatorThis pedal features three switches for amp, mod, and mic modes, giving you 27 different combinations.  You can mix and match microphone position, saturation, and amp characteristics in any way you want.  For the mic, you have three different positions: off-centered, centered, and e class for classical.  Mod gives you hot, warm, and e clean, which means your sound will go from anything from incredibly distorted to no distort at all.  Finally, your amp options include body, crunch, and e tweed.  The boost on this bad boy ranges from nothing to eight decibels of sound. (more...)

November 13, 2009
Posted in GNI,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 9:59 am

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