HipKitty Guitar Effects Pedals Review

HipKitty has been in business since 1987, and they have never wavered in keeping their promises of selling amazing hand-crafted, hand-painted pedals.

Why buy from HipKitty?  Well, in addition to producing some of the best effects pedals around, you’re guaranteed to get a unique piece of gear.  Because they hand-paint everything, no two of their pedals are ever exactly the same.  Some may have different colored buttons, be a slightly different shade, or even look almost like a completely different device!  Their component boards are all hand etched and populated, too, and their amps are all wired in-house.  This means HipKitty can insure that everything is done to their exacting standards.

Everything purchased from HipKitty comes with their limited lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can return the product (unless, of course, you go in and try to modify or fix it yourself!).

So what does HipKitty make?  The Glaze is one of their top overdrive/boost pedals.  It provides warm, clear tones, and the added harmonic content allows players to put a glaze on their upper register notes.

Then there’s the Caffeine Boost, a powerful boosting unit that can also function as an overdrive.  It features a tone control that gives it a lot of flexibility.

A third great device is the Java Distortion.  It’s the pedal that really put HipKitty on the map.  This two-channel distortion pedal can layer the overdrive with some fuzzy tones, while the Rhythm channel features the drive control for true sound control.

These are just a few of HipKitty’s outstanding devices.  If you’re looking for a different sort of pedal that’s truly going to look different from any other pedal out there, this is the company for you.

For more information you can visit the HipKitty Website


February 1, 2011
Posted in HipKitty — anthony @ 1:12 pm

HipKitty Chameleon Boost / Distortion Pedal

Are you looking for a great boost / distortion pedal that will provide you with some very clean boost?  If so, the HipKitty Chameleon Boost / Distortion Pedal may be exactly what you want.  hipkitty-chameleon-boost-distortion-pedalThis pedal was originally created to provide clean boost to a player who wanted his Marshall tone to stay intact while using a pedal.  The result, the HipKitty Chameleon, is capable of providing some amazingly clean boost while at the same time being one of the most versatile pedals out there.  The pedal can also serve as a medium gain distortion pedal, where it provides the player with some very rich gain with absolutely no shrill notes or other issues.  The pedal also features true bypass. (more...)

July 2, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,HipKitty — anthony @ 8:07 am

HipKitty Oxblood Distortion

Players that love the sound of vintage Vox amps, will want to check out this the new distortion pedal by HipKitty, Oxblood. The Oxblood was designed specifically to cop the sound of a classic Vox. With an eye toward flexibility the designers of the Oxblood added in even more distortion by including an extra tube stage.  This really helps to give the sound an overall natural vox-like tube overdrive.oxblood (more...)

March 24, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,HipKitty — anthony @ 5:50 am

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