Homebrew Electronics ParaDrive Overdrive Boost

The Homebrew Electronics ParaDrive Overdrive Boost pedal combines a great boost pedal with a screaming overdrive.  homebrew-electronics-paradrive-overdrive-boostWith two options in one, you can't help but find this to be a very versatile little pedal.  It's rich overdrive has a very sweet tone control that only modifies the treble, so there’s no loss of low end when you want brighter tone.  The tone control also works with the level and gain so you can blend in the right amount of overdrive.  The pedal also features a three-way diode select switch so you can go from compressed gain to classic overdrive.  When you’re in overdrive mode, you have access to the fat drive switch, which pumps up your low end and gain. (more...)

January 1, 2010
Posted in Homebrew Electronics — anthony @ 7:06 pm

Homebrew Electronics Dos Mos MosFET Boost Pedal

Looking for a pedal that has a number of different switches, a great amount of power, and more?  Then check out the Homebrew Electronics Dos Mos MosFET Boost Pedal.  This pedal, made at the Homebrew Electronics plant in Arizona, provides up to 30 decibels of boost for each of its channels.  homebrew-electronics-dos-mos-mosfet-boost-pedalIt’s also dual Mosfet pre-amp capable and has a few interesting functions that other pedals may not have.

The Dos Mos MosFET pedal features two different output channels: the first is the UNO channel that can be used to output your sound to an amp or can be shifted into Mode 1+2 output.  The second channel, the DOS channel, also goes to the amp.  A switch allows you to enable or by-pass the UNO and DOS channels completely (or enable/by-pass only one of them).  You’ve also got separate controls for each channel that allows you to change the gain or boost for that channel.  The UNO channel can also be set to pre-amp via a special toggle and can be used as an inverting buffer as well.

The pedal also has several different pre-amp options.  In Mode ½, you have 2 differnet pre-amp channels.  If you change it over to Mode 1+2, however, you get one pre-amp channel that cascades the UNO channel and the DOS channel.  Note, though, that you have to be careful with the controls here.  Set both to maximum and you may get some excessive noise.  However, that doesn’t mean this pedal is worthless.  In fact, with these unique modes, the Homebrew Electronics Dos Mos MosFET Boost Pedal has a lot to offer. (more...)

July 13, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics — anthony @ 12:22 pm

Homebrew THC | Homebrew Three Hound Chorus Pedal

The Homebrew THC (Three Hound Chorus) is a warm, rich all analog chorus with true bypass switching. The THC features depth and speed controls plus the unique Width control which physically changes the distance (or width) between wave forms adding a whole new dimension to the chorus effect. As you can hear in the demo this pedal gives you a wide range of chorus / delay possibilities.

November 25, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics,Product Demos — David @ 5:04 am

Homebrew Electronics CPR Compressor Retro Pedal

Homebrew's Compressor Retro is modeled after a classic analog compressor circuit, and may very well be the pedal you want to keep on at all times. (more...)

November 20, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics,Product Demos — David @ 4:13 am

Homebrew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser Pedal

936_01Re-live the sounds of the past with Homebrew's Psilocybe all analog Phase Shifter. Get that classic 60's psychedelic vibe and 70's funk, to the classic Eddie sounds. The Psilocybe features Regen and Speed controls as well as shift 1 and shift 2 Toggles to Further Tweak the EQ and intensity of the phase effect.


November 10, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics,Product Demos — David @ 8:06 am

Homebrew Electronics H.B.E Power Screamer Overdrive

This could be the only overdrive pedal you ever need! The Homebrew Electronics H.B.E Power Screamer Overdrive is a great overdrive pedal. The pedal sings with vintage tube style overdrive and is based on the JRC4558D IC for the Ibanez TS-808 or TS-9. Artists from Santana to CC Deville to Richie Sambora use the Power Screamer to get harmonically rich overdriven tones. *The "Fat Boost" mod adds gain and low end to the Power Screamer's Boost Switch. Diode selector, hard by-pass switching and much more. (more...)

November 4, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics,Product Demos — David @ 1:12 pm

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