Jetter Gain Stage Red Overdrive

Some pedals seem to fall out of their creators’ heads and onto the production line, but others take their sweet time in being complete.  That’s the case with the Jetter Gain Stage Red Overdrive.  It took more than a year of experimentation and testing before this little pedal was declared finished.  It’s a natural, boutique amp overdrive pedal that is very tightly focused.  The Stage Red has nice low end response and string articulation, and it can send through complex chords in a distinct, clear way so that every note can be heard.  There’s enough overdrive here for guitars like vintage Strats but yet the pedal scales back the gain so that it doesn’t distort sounds from humbuckers.  The compression, too, is very natural sounded, and it doesn’t flatten out your tones or make them boom out of control.

Players who are looking for a pedal that will provide thick, creamy tones without any distortion or making them too dark will enjoy the Stage Red.  The hard/soft switch allows players to change up the Presence levels, both of which have slightly different overdrive sounds.  One level is bright and clear while the other is very warm and rich.  The pedal also features true bypass and provides some amazing Carlton and Ford tones.  It retails for $209.

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October 29, 2010
Posted in Jetter Gear — anthony @ 6:48 pm

Jetter Gain Stage Gold Overdrive

Jetter’s Gain Stage Gold Overdrive pedal features more gain and harmonics than other Jetter pedals.  jetter-gain-stage-gold-overdriveIt was designed specifically for this purpose, and it gives players a large variety of different settings.  The increased gain keeps the lower register very tight using only a very small amount of compression.  You’ll get great classic crunch and even clean sounds from the lower gain, too.

The Jetter Gain Stage Gold also features a soft and a hard setting.  In soft mode, you’ll get a smoother tone that is very true to your guitar, while hard more provides more bite and edge.  The hard mode sounds a bit more British overall, and features more midrange and a tighter overdrive.  The pedal features a very interactive tone control and a gain knob that has a great sweet spot between ten and two.  This pedal is designed to work with just about any guitar and amp combination you can think of, so be ready to rock.  All in all, this pedal can create some incredibly unique tones that are impossible to duplicate with any other.  Of course, for such a great pedal, you may expect the price tag to be pretty high.  However, the Jetter Gain Stage Gold Overdrive is only $209. (more...)

January 18, 2010
Posted in Jetter Gear — anthony @ 3:37 pm

Jetter Gain Stage Blue Overdrive

Are you looking for an overdrive pedal that is flexible yet responds just like a tube amplifier would?  jetter-gain-stage-blue-overdriveIf so, you need the Jetter Gain Stage Blue Overdrive.  This pedal delivers a great range of overtones and harmonics. It is designed with dynamics in mind and responds to the attack of your pick like a great tube amplifier would.  However, the Gain Stage Blue isn’t yet another rebuild of a basic overdrive circuit.  In fact, the gain stage was created from scratch and after a long trial and error process.  The end result is a pedal that is innovative and has been perfected over years of work. (more...)

November 24, 2009
Posted in Jetter Gear — anthony @ 8:45 am

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