Keeley Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal

Robert Keeley, the man behind the many great Keeley pedals, has once again created a great pedal with the Keeley Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal.  If you’re looking for a pedal that has that great boutique quality but is available at a mass produced price, then this is the pedal for you.  keeley-boss-bd-2-blues-driver-overdrive-pedalThe secret to this amazing pedal is closely guarded by Keeley himself, and you won’t find another pedal that’s quite like it.

The Keeley Boss DB-2 provides many of the features that a fuzz pedal would give you, but it also features some very smooth overdrive tones as well.  The pedal also features transparency; in fact, many say that its transparency and overdrive tones have yet to be matched by any other pedal out there!  The dynamics of the pedal are integrated with your guitar’s volume knob, and this volume comes blasting out.  Because it can be incredibly loud and provide big output, the Keeley handles clean boost amazingly well.  The pedal covers a number of genres, including the blues (obviously, as the name implies) but also rock and country.  If you want to get rid of that screamer and free up your pedal board, the Keeley Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal is exactly what you need.  It retails for around $149 (if you can find one in stock), which isn’t horribly expensive.

July 20, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Keeley Effects — anthony @ 10:33 am

Boss DS-1 Keeley Mod – Marshall Tone In A Box!

Here goes a side by side demo of an original Boss DS-1 against The Keeley Modded BOSS DS-1. The difference in tone and overall sonic blueprint is pretty amazing, to the point of being a completely different pedal. (more...)

November 15, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Keeley Effects,Pedal Mods — David @ 8:23 am

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