Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive

Maxon TOD-9 True Tube OverdriveIf you are someone who is looking to get the most out of your overdrive pedal, then you will want to consider using the Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive pedal.  This is because it is designed with the best military specification subminiature tube at its core.  Because this technology was once considered outdated when submarines stopped being used so widely at the end of the Second World War, there is a large quantity of this product that is ready for use.  The manufacturers of the Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive realized the potential that the subminiature tubes had on the sound quality of a pedal and they decided to use these tubes as a base component of the sound that was produced by their product.

The Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive has harnessed the power of these subminiature vacuum tubes to create a truly unique pedal that combines solid distortion with the tube stage.  The benefit of this is that the pedal works in a way that completely enhances the player’s performance, creating a balance that is truly interactive with the guitar and the artist.  If you utilize this pedal to the maximum then you will be able to increase your performance and this will work to make your music even better.  The dials are simply laid out and can be used by anyone with a basic understanding of how they operate. (more...)

August 10, 2010
Posted in Maxon — anthony @ 7:10 pm

Maxon VOP-9 Vintage Overdrive Pro Pedal

Maxon has made a number of great overdrive pedals in their Vintage Overdrive Pro Pedal series, and the VOP-9 is yet another one of them.  This overdrive pedal combines both overdrive and clean boost into one device.  It uses a dual pot to mix the saturated and clean tones together to make a less compressed and more transparent sound.  It also features true bypass switching so you can let your signal shine through if you want.

The VOP-9 is actually an upgraded version of the OD820, a pedal that Maxon introduced in the 90s but that was largely overlooked.  However, at the time, few saw the benefits and power of the pedal, and it was mostly ignored as simply being an overpriced version of the OD808.  However, the VOP-9 is more than just a renamed OD820.  While the pedal does run the entire circuit at 18 volts, just like the OD820, it now comes in one of Maxon’s nearly indestructible 9-series chassis.  The pedal is also capable of operating at 9 volts by activating an internal DIP switch.  The VOP-9 also makes use of the same op-amp that allowed the OD820 to operate so quietly, and the negative feedback loop clipping diode is the same as well.  The Maxon VOP-9 Vintage Overdrive Pro Pedal costs


July 25, 2010
Posted in Maxon — anthony @ 9:48 am

Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Pedal

There are several pedals out there that are designed to emulate a tube amp overdrive while using a solid state circuit.  One of the first of these built was the Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Pedal.  The OD-808 Overdrive Pedal has also been imitated time and time again.  While the original Maxon OD-808 went out of stock, the pedal was brought back as part of Maxon’s Reissue series.  maxon-od-808-overdrive-pedalThe reissue is exactly identical to the original with one small exception: the output resistors have been changed so that the noise from the static electricity buildup is reduced greatly.  Other than that, this new release of the OD-808 features the same great signal distorting diode set in a negative feedback loop.  This distorts the signal in the amplifier circuit instead of distorting it after it passes through the circuit. (more...)

August 3, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Maxon — anthony @ 1:47 pm

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