MI Audio Blues Pro Overdrive Pedal

Looking for a great blues overdrive pedal?  Then check out the MI Audio Blues Pro Overdrive.  This low-medium gain overdrive provides great sounds for everything from a light blues to great classic rock tones.  The booster is very clean and transparent when you’ve got the gain down, but it certainly lights up when you add in more and more gain.  Then you’ve got the tone control, which gives you everything from a nice, tight sound to a mellow, smooth overdrive.  There’s no odd muffled tomes or any tinny sounds when you crank it to the extreme, either.  The Fuzz switch then gives you the option to move the Audio Blues Pro to Fuzz mode, a mode that focuses on tones from the 1960s. (more...)

July 9, 2010
Posted in MI Audio — anthony @ 1:41 pm

MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe Overdrive Pedal

If you love of the vibe of a tube screamer but want a bit more versatility then the MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe Overdrive Pedal might be just the thing.  While it features the 4558 amp that almost all tube screamers do, it’s also socketed so that you can try out others.  In fact, experimentation is the name of the game with the Blue Boy—try out anything that comes to mind.  The Blue Boy Deluxe has a number of different features, including tone sculpting.  You’ve got full control of the overall tone, the sag, the midrange, and the treble, making this pedal incredibly versatile. (more...)

August 6, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,MI Audio — anthony @ 10:48 am

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