MJM Phantom Overdrive Pedal

Are you looking for a classic 808 overdrive tone pedal but can’t find a mod or clone that seems to perfectly capture everything that the 808 represents?  If so, your search is over.  The MJM Phantom Overdrive Pedal provides everything that the 808 does, including that sweet, warm tone that the classic pedal is known for.  mjm-phantom-overdrive-pedalIt’s also got a few improvements, of course, but what modern pedal doesn’t?  It features a selector switch that allows you to select between that traditional screamer sound to a higher gain overdrive that also features some low end tone.  This gives players who aren’t as fond of screamers another option and makes the MJM Phantom Overdrive a very versatile pedal. (more...)

August 17, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,MJM — anthony @ 4:46 pm

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