NOC3 EarthTone Boost Pedal

While it is a small pedal, the NOC3 EarthTone Boost Pedal is a great little booster for your clean tones.  If you’re looking for a pedal that’s going to have a great sweetening effect on your guitar, this is what you want.  noc3-earthtone-boost-pedalIt doesn’t add any clipping to your music; instead, it’s an incredibly clean pedal that really does much more than you’d expect, especially since it’s powered by only one JFET transistor.  It’s not an incredibly loud pedal—it’s only going to give you 15 decibels of boost, so if you want loud, you want something else. (more...)

August 25, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,NOC3 — anthony @ 10:36 am

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