Pigtronix Aria Distortion Overdrive Pedal

One of the latest distortion overdrive pedals by Pigtronix is the Pigtronix Aria Distortion pedal.  While it’s based on diode clipping, the Aria puts a new spin on an old idea to create some very warm, tube amp-like overdriven sounds.  The pedal is touch responsive and very dynamic, adjusting easily to whatever vibe you throw at it.  The pedal features true bypass and has an 18v power supply.

One thing that makes the Pigtronix Aria Distortion different from other pedals is that it uses a three band 12db/octave active EQ.  This provides maximum tonal flexibility and lets the Aria truly make some unique and different sounds.  It also gives the pedal the flexibility to create some wildly filtered effects, providing a wide range of tonal versatility.  When the three tonal controls are all set straight up, the Pigtronix Aria goes into complete transparency mode.  This gives the player the ability to customize the overdrive tone as they see fit.

With this pedal, you can capture an amazing gritty blues sound, or some great sparkly chime, and much, much more.  For the bass players out there, this pedals makes for some great fuzz type bass overdrive.  If you need an amazingly versatile overdrive pedal, the Pigrtonix Aria Distortion is certainly one to look at.  It retails for $149.

November 27, 2010
Posted in Pigtronix — anthony @ 4:22 pm

Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive

The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive pedal is one of the most versatile pedals from Pigtronix.  It’s capable of octave, fuzz, and overdrive, and it’s great for those demanding players who need it all.  pigtronix-ofo-disnortion-overdriveThe three different effects are all independent of each other, or you can mix them together to get some huge sounds.  With the filter control, you can bring in some amazing vintage octave effects and classic tones.  The fuzz is also a nice vintage sound and can do anything from clean tones to hot sounds.  In the overdrive area, you’ve got a 5 stage gain the makes some awesome overdrive but doesn’t add any color to your tone.  It’s exactly what you want, in other words.  The Disnortion Overdrive is very dynamic and will respond to the slightest touch.

The pedal actually runs the overdrive and the fuzz effects in parallel.  This makes it very each to combine the two different effects while still keeping the clarity of your tone.  As far as the octave effect goes, it’s lo-fi and vintage, giving you a nice old school sound.  Of course, you can always up the filter and get some really funky sounds out of it.  You can combine any of the effects, making some really different tones.  If you put the fuzz switch into bass mode, you’ll get some nice, smooth fuzz.  Turn on all the various options and you’ll find some really awesome sounds.  Obviously, the Pigronix OFO Disnotrion Overdrive pedal is something special.  It’s a bit on the expensive side ($189.99), but look at everything you’re getting! (more...)

September 5, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Pigtronix — anthony @ 2:43 pm

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