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Radial Engineering is top quality audio equipment outfit based in in Vancouver, British Columbia. radial-engineeringThe company first began back in 1991 as the Canadian distributor for Jensen Audio Transformers and Mogami cable.  The next year, they reformed as JP Cabletek Electronics, and they started using the Radial name for their house brand cables.  Later, in 1996, the Radial brand launched the JDI direct box, and today, there are more than 50 different products marketed under the Radial, Forest Audio, and Tonebone brand names.  In 2006, the company officially became Radial Engineering.  They have a huge staff of more than 50 employees and work out of a 25,000 square-foot facility, giving them the ability to manufacture many different great products.

Under the Radial brand, the company offers their J-class products.  This line of boxes, splitters, and re-ampers are some of the best in the world.  Then there’s the Pro series, which is designed to balance performance with price.  The HotShot series, on the other hand, is innovative and built to last for years. (more...)

August 29, 2010
Posted in Radial Engineering — anthony @ 8:18 pm

Radial Texas Bones Dual Overdrive Pedal

Radial Engineering is known for making some great pedals, and the Radial Texas Bones Dual Overdrive Pedal is certainly great.  It features two different overdrive channels, and each channel has its own tone and drive settings.  This means you can use the pedal for both lead and rhythm very easily.  radial-texas-bones-dual-overdrive-pedalThis pedal is also pretty small, so it takes up much less space that some other dual channel pedals.  The Bones Dual Overdrive has several new features that Radial hasn’t used in their pedals before.  This includes Electronic Impulse Switching and a new type of buffering circuit that will keep true bypass clarity and your preset load corrections.  This means there will be no signal degradation when you use the bypass, plus you’ll have noise protection and a low impedance output.  The pedal can also drive long cable lengths and yet still provide very high quality sounds to your amp. (more...)

September 5, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Radial Engineering — anthony @ 2:44 pm

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