Retro Sonic Boost Pedal FA-1 Review

If you’re looking for a flexible pedal that will provide you with some great tones while looking and sounding like a retro boost, then you need to take a look at the Retro Sonic Boost Pedal.  retro-sonic-boost-pedalThis unique little pedal is a FET-AMP FA-1 style that features original circuitry.  Of course, it has been updated with some of today’s highest quality components so that it’s just as good as any modern amp.  This little jewel features modern conveniences like an on/off LED, a 9-volt negative center DC jack so you can run it off an external power source, and even true bypass switching.  It’s all the modern capabilities with all the retro looks.

You’ve got a number of controls on the Retro Sonic Boost Pedal.  It features treble, level, bass, and a flat/low cut switch for easy control.  There’s also an internal switch that can add a clipping circuit to the mix, which makes this retro pedal into an overdrive.  It’s quite affordable, too—the Retro Sonic Boost Pedal typically retails for around $179.  No, that’s not the cheapest pedal ever, but for a neat retro pedal with these features, it’s not a horrible price.  Check out the Retro Sonic Boost—you won’t be disappointed. (more...)

September 9, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Retro Sonic — anthony @ 7:06 am

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