Rothwell Atomic Booster

Need a pedal that gives you a really nice, clean boost but doesn’t add any color to your signal at all?  Then you want the Rothwell Atomic Booster Boost pedal.  Designed by musicians in the UK, this pedal was produced with the purpose of giving you nothing but great boost.  rothwell-atomic-booster-boostThe Rothwell Atomic gives you the option of increasing only the signal or only the treble frequencies so you can distort a tube amp’s signal or boost it for solos.  This boost can get you an additional 20 decibels of loudness without adding any color or noise to your sound.  Just turn up the Level Boost control.  The Treble Boost control will brighten up any of your pickups that seemed a little muddy or weren’t quite able to cut through the other sounds.  The Rothwell Atomic Booster is basically a great way of making certain that the amp you love, such as a great vintage amp, can handle all the volume you need without distorting your sound at all. (more...)

September 12, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Rothwell — anthony @ 3:27 pm

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