T-Rex Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator Overdrive Pedal

T-Rex Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator Overdrive PedalThe T-Rex Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator (the DGTM for short) is one of the newer pedals from T-Rex.  Released in 2010, the pedal was first debuted at the Winter NAMM 2009 show, and it was met with tremendous response.  The DGTM is designed to be more than just a standard overdrive.  It’s got a bit more punch to it, punch that was designed by guitarist Greg Koch.  This pedal provides many features players, especially those who admire Koch’s music, want.

The T-Rex DGTM can provide players with a subtle boost for songs that need a light touch, but for those that really need to roar, the overdrive can be kicked up a notch to produce lush overdriven chords.  When you need your sound to be more transparent, you can turn the distortion way down.  When you need to make it crunchy, just rotate the knob upwards.  The device also has a flavor switch that lets you go from the classic, chunky overdrive to a more modern sound that’s somewhat more compressed.  This allows the DGTM to function almost as two different overdrives.  In addition to the flavor switch and the distortion (gristle) knob, the device also has controls for tone and gravy (their term for volume).  The T-Rex Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator retails for $199. (more...)

September 27, 2010
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T-Rex Alberta Overdrive Pedal

Need a very capable little pedal that’s going to give you more than a tube screamer clone?  If so, you need the T-Rex Alberta Overdrive Pedal.  This little pedal features only the highest quality of components, and the people at T-Rex have paid the utmost attention to every little detail and characteristic of the Alberta Overdrive.  t-rex-alberta-overdrive-pedalThis means it doesn’t have any of the issues or annoyances that screamer pedals have.  Your low end will keep intact, but you will be able to get better gain—more or less as you need—than the standard overdrive pedal.

This pedal is much more than just a tube screamer.  Its gain can provide you with some creamy, thick overdrive that features just a bit of a mid-boost that will give you the kick you need without warping or distorting your sound in any way.  The overdrive itself is very smooth and doesn’t get muddy at all.  Your low end is going to sound dynamic and tight while your tone control offers up a wide range of sound without any tinny noises.  It’s a great overdrive that stays true to your sound while still offering you a lot of options.  It costs a bit more than some other pedals; the T-Rex Alberta Overdrive Pedal runs around $199.99. (more...)

September 19, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,T-Rex — anthony @ 6:48 pm

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