Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive

The Sansamp British Overdrive by Tech 21 might look like a little pedal, but it’s got a big sound.  The Sansamp British really pulls out those amazing British rock tones—we’re talking everything you can think of.  As part of Tech 21’s new Character Series, you’ll find that the Sansamp British has some things in common with the other pedals yet it is a pedal of its own.  Like the others, the Sansamp British uses only high quality materials and is built by total pros.

If it’s great British tones you need, then the Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive is what you want.  In addition to a character and drive control, the pedal also has mid, level, low, and high dials.  You’ll find that it really brings out the British flavor—so much so that you’ll start to have an accent.  The Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive retails for $149.00. (more...)

January 3, 2011
Posted in Tech 21 — anthony @ 6:09 pm

Tech 21 Sansamp Blonde Overdrive

The Tech 21 Sansamp Blonde Overdrive pedal can supply both those great blonde tones you want plus the blackface tones you’ve always desired.  This pedal is part of the Tech 21 Character Series, and it features many throwbacks to the early days of guitar tones, especially rock and roll tones, when that big bottom sound was in.  tech-21-sansamp-blonde-overdriveBack then, to get more overdrive, guitar players had to turn their amps way up—there was no master volume control on those early American amplifiers, so it all had to come from the guitar.  The Sansamp Blonde harkens back to that time, putting what Tech 21 considered “true American tone” back into the pedal without making the pedal expensive or unresponsive.

The Sansamp Blonde gives you different controls for your lows, highs, level, mid, character, and drive.  It’s a reasonably priced amp for what you get, coming in at $149.  However, if you’re looking for a cool amp that brings in some old school rock and roll tones without any type of modern distortion or tone, then the Sansamp Blonde Overdrive is exactly what you want.  It brings this classic sounds back with a vengeance, and it can give you tones that no other overdrive can. (more...)

September 30, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Tech 21 — anthony @ 1:40 pm

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