Xotic AC Booster Overdrive/Boost

Xotic has created a trio of different boost pedals for players, each one focusing on a different area.  The Xotic AC Booster Overdrive/Boost is the “Almost Clean” part of the collection.  This pedal can be used to create a clean boost or can be used for an overdrive effect, all within one pedal.  xotic-ac-booster-overdriveboost1It’s a very versatile overdrive/boost pedal, giving players their money’s worth when it comes to being useful.  It features more than 20 decibels of transparent clean boost that lets you really add some extra power to a low watt amp or give an amp that extra bit of overdrive when it needs it.  You have the option of adding in some great warm tones when you use the two band active equalizer that features both treble and bass.  You can also either boost each frequency or cut it back as necessary, giving you even more use out of the AC Booster. (more...)

October 19, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Xotic — anthony @ 8:32 pm

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