Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin

Godin guitars have been around for a good while, and many musicians love this particular brand because they know that when they buy a Godin they are buying a solidly built guitar that will last for many years. godin-fifth-avenue-kingpin This being said, Godin is releasing their newest series, the Fifth Avenue and from this series of guitars, the Kingpin is the first out of the blocks.  The result is an archtop style guitar that can be bought for under a thousand dollars; great news for many musicians who wanted a quality guitar but couldn’t afford the oftentimes hefty price tag associated with superior pieces. (more...)

March 23, 2009
Posted in Godin,Guitars — anthony @ 9:02 am

EVH Wolfgang

The EVH Wolfgang, a guitar based on one of the signature guitars of Eddie Van Halen, is not an exact replica of the guitar used by the famous musician.  It features the same shape, but it’s a bit more refined and features a few differences.  It features a three tuners on a side, and these tuners, like a lot of the hardware for the guitar, are specially made for the EVH Wolfgang (in this case, by Gotoh).  The Wolfgang features items such as the first-ever Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.  In fact, the guitar has both the Van Halen logo and the Floyd Rose logo on it, showing just how much Floyd Rose was involved in its design.evh-wolfgang (more...)

March 20, 2009
Posted in Guitars — anthony @ 8:16 am

Duesenberg Guitars

These might not be the new guitar of choice in these tough economic times but if you've got the dough, or can sell some gear to get it, and you're in the market for a class A roots / rock tone, you may want to check out Dusenberg Guitars. Fans of Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) know the rich and diverse sounds these guitars are capable of delivering. Duesenberg has even released a a Mike Campbell signature model (image to the left) that sounds killer and is not too tough on the eyes with it's art-deco chrome hardware and classic retro paint job.

Founded by Dieter Gölsdorf, Duesenberg make guitars that have a vintage look, feel and sound, but with a focus on expert craftsmanship and quality. Having done a thorough study of vintage guitar construction Gölsdorf, brings forth a modern product that uses all the best aspects of classic vintage guitar parts and construction methods. (more...)

March 14, 2009
Posted in Duesenberg Guitars,Guitars — David @ 1:59 pm

Vintage Silvertone Guitars

Roots music pioneers Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup and Muddy Waters were among a number of struggling musicians in the 40's and 50's who played Silvertones because of their solid build and reasonable price. Word spread quickly and in the course of a few decades the Silvertone had established it's place in the history of american roots music, as the unofficial 1st guitar of the greats. Chet Atkins, Hendrix, Dylan and many others, first cut their teeth on a Silvertone. (more...)

January 7, 2009
Posted in Guitars,Vintage Silvertone Guitars — David @ 2:27 pm

Brief History of the Telecaster

The history of the Telecaster can be slightly confusing as it has gone through several name changes and releases.  Leo Fender developed the first prototypes for the Telecaster in his shop in Fullerton, California in the early '40s. From 1932-1949 a number of independant guitar makers and companies were releasing solid-body electrics but none were able to catch on commercially. Fender's Broadcaster was the first model to break through and put solid-body designs on the map. Some of the success was due in part to Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith's recording of "Guitar Boogie" in 1947. Smith was one of the first players to use Fender Broadcaster prototype. (more...)

January 3, 2009
Posted in Guitars,Telecasters — David @ 5:59 pm

Win A 50th Anniversary Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster 50th AnniversaryHere's a little content that's any self respecting surf / twangmaster can't let slip by! Fender is giving away an autographed 50th Anniversary special edition Jazzmaster. Winners will be selected via a random drawing held on January 27, 2009. (more...)

December 18, 2008
Posted in Fender Jazzmaster — David @ 7:14 pm
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