Danny Gatton T-Style Pickups

The Danny Gatton T-Style Pickups are great high-end dual blade replacement pickups. Inspired by and originally designed for Danny Gatton, these pickups are favored by professional Tele players around the world. They’re more than just your basic repair part—they bring a great vintage tone to your guitar along with increased fidelity. You’ll find that the pickups keep the highs, lows, and mids equal in power thereby eliminating that tinny, thin sound that often Tele style guitars suffer from.

One of the biggest problems Tele players often have is that the output from the bridge pickup is very different from that of the neck, but the T-Neck can be adjusted so that it’s equal to the T-bridge. The T-bridge uses a very unique staggered blade design that balances the response from the outer strings.

In addition to the standard Gatton T-Style pickups, a Nashville T-Style set and a Modern T-Style Bridge Pickup are also available. The Nashville set uses a standard Stratocaster pickup as its center pickup and is designed to compliment the Gatton neck and bridge pickups. The Modern pickup gives more power to the bridge position but doesn’t lose any of the tone the Gatton T-Styles are designed for.

The T-style pickups fit on any standard Tele body with no modifications required. They use four conductor shielded cable so any wiring combination is possible. The Gatton T-Neck, Gatton T-Bridge, and Modern T-Bridge sell for $159.95; the Gatton and Modern sets are priced at $293.95, and the Nashville T-Style set sells for $439.85.

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February 24, 2011
Posted in Joe Barden — anthony @ 4:46 pm

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