Stephens Design Specialty Single Coils

Stephens Design Specialty Single Coils

Stephens Design offers several different specialty single coils that can deliver a sweet old school sound without a lot of difficult installation. Be sure to check out the demo video at the end of this post. The pickups drop into a basic humbucker slot, so you don't have to muck-up the body of your guitar. Two of their most popular specialty single coils are the Pig Ninety and the Dirty Harry.

The Pig Ninety Singles replace the older Kay-Bars by SD Designs. They may look like the traditional shrill single coil pickup set in a bucker cover, but they’re much more. The Pig Ninety uses an unique magnetic structure that is able to make use of the same string length that a humbucker does. This takes that single coil bite and merges it with the fatness of a humbucker. The Pig Ninety comes in a number of different cover options, including an awesome retro look.

Another great specialty single coil is the Dirty Harry Single. These pickups were inspired by Harry DeArmond. The Dirty Harry uses a shallow boil and a flat Alnico magnet. This creates a wider string area and produces a very unique tone that is really unlike anything you’ll ever hear. The Dirty Harry produces a very nice older vintage type tone that can give even a cheap guitar a great dose of character. The Dirty Harry Singles come in flat top humbucker covers in black matte or, for an extra fee, can be done in nickel silver covers.

For more information be sure to check out the SD Designs website:

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March 4, 2011
Posted in Stephens Design — anthony @ 5:36 pm

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