Orange Tiny Terror Combo

While some players faithfully bring out their big rigs for all type gigs, smaller tube amps have started to make their way back onto the scene.  A lot of players are tuning in to the fact that smaller amps deliver amazing tone.   orange-tiny-terror-comboThe battle between the different sizes of amplifiers had begun, and into the fray entered the Tiny Terror from Orange Amplification. (more...)

March 27, 2009
Posted in Product Demos — anthony @ 6:52 am

Fryer Sound Ltd Brian May Treble Booster Review

brian-may-treble-boosterThese three treble boosters produced by Fryer Sound do more than just recreate Brian May’s signature tones and sounds.  There are a number of May products out there, but the Fryer’s set of boosters are very accurate and make the May tones available to just about anyone.  These treble boosters are very affordable, too, and the effects are great, at least when used with the Red Special guitar, May’s signature instrument (which was, incidentally, made by Fryer). (more...)

March 19, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Product Demos — anthony @ 8:13 am

Fishman SoloAmp Review

fishman-soloampThe Fishman SoloAmp is a great little amp that is very portable and easy to use, making it great for small events.  It picked up the Summer NAMM 2008 Best in Show title, so you know it has the critic’s approval.  Everything that comes with the Fishman fits in one nice little case, and it only weighs about 35 pounds.  You can actually set up the entire amp in less than a minute after only a few uses, which is amazing.  The controls are very solid as well, but while they’re simple, they also give you the control you need.  There’s no learning curve here—it’s very easy to operate. (more...)

March 18, 2009
Posted in Product Demos — anthony @ 9:53 am

The ZenTone 7 from Backline Engineering

zentone7The ZenTone 7 is one of those amps that may sound very complicated at first, but fortunately, it really isn’t.  It does, though, have many different features.  The amp is great if you need a piece of equipment that can do double duty as a studio amp and a practice amp.  It is basically a digitally controlled amp that features an all-tube signal path and can be used for several things.  It includes both a four and an eight ohm speaker out, balanced XLR direct out, and speaker emulation.  You can use it as an onstage monitor or even as a high-volume amp depending on your needs. (more...)

March 17, 2009
Posted in Product Demos — anthony @ 9:56 am

Homebrew THC | Homebrew Three Hound Chorus Pedal

The Homebrew THC (Three Hound Chorus) is a warm, rich all analog chorus with true bypass switching. The THC features depth and speed controls plus the unique Width control which physically changes the distance (or width) between wave forms adding a whole new dimension to the chorus effect. As you can hear in the demo this pedal gives you a wide range of chorus / delay possibilities.

November 25, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Homebrew Electronics,Product Demos — David @ 5:04 am

Boss Re-20 Roland Space Echo

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Here's a demo of the Boss Re-20 Roland Space Echo which is a recreation of the classic Roland RE-201 Space. This model faithfully captures the RE-201’s tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation. (more...)

November 21, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Product Demos — David @ 11:14 pm
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