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RedPlate Amplifiers is owned and operated by Henry Heistand out of his workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Heistand focuses on creating small, compact amps. There’s definitely no judging these little models just by their size, because they are designed for a big sound. This is due to Heistand’s technique of creating hand-wired, compact amps that have no oscillation problems. The likes of modern blues greats like Elvin Bishop, Kid Andersen and Tommy Castro are now using Redplate amps. Heistand's creations blend together components of the circuits from classic Fender blackface, Tweed and Dumble amps to serve up a serious tone.

Heistand's first build was a speaker cab designed in 1969 using six speakers recycled from old TVs and stereos. He later started repairing amps during the 70s, as well as playing guitar full time until 1979, when he enrolled in electronics school. He continued to make a living repairing gear, eventually becoming part owner in a repair shop. That led him to creating Music Mechanix, a company that did warranty work for major brands. However, after five years of working incredibly long days, Heistand was burnt out, so he sold the business and moved to Arizona, where he started RedPlate Amps in 2006.

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” holds true for Heistand. The first small RedPlate amp was built because he needed a small amp that he could carry in one hand and fit behind the front seat of his car. Flying with equipment is also an issue for many players, so small, lightweight amps are highly desirable. Of course, it’s harder to build great sounding amps that are so compact, but Heistand spend years perfecting his craft, even though he had to go through many trial and error periods.

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Kid Andersen plays his Red Plate amp part 1

March 21, 2011
Posted in RedPlate Amplifiers — anthony @ 7:04 pm

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