Cornell-Plexi Range

If you're a fan of the classic late sixties Marshall Plexi sound then you're going be interested in the Cornell-Plexi Range. They have refined and tweaked the Plexi circuit to really bring out that trademark sound in a new amplifier. There's been a definite resurgence of interest in the Plexi sound and boutique amp builders like Cornell are answering the call. While it can definitely be difficult and expensive to snag one of the original Marshall amps, the Cornell-Plexi amp could be another great option. In fact, some might argue that these amps take it to the next level since the upgraded circuits and tailored components accentuate the Plexi-ness of the original amps.

The Cornell-Plexi amps are complementary push-pull class A amps, but they don’t use the standard circuit that other amps of this class use. The problem with these types of amps is that more often then not, unequal current flows through each of the output valves and creates crossover distortion and a dull fuzzy sound. However, the Cornell-Plexi amps use a redesigned circuit that balances the output.

The Cornell Plexi line is available as an 18/20 head, a 45/50 head, as an 18/20 combo, a 7 combo, and matching speaker cabinets for both the 18/20s and 40/50s are available.

For more information on these amps check out the website:

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March 8, 2011
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