Zinky MOFO Guitar Boutique Amp

If you’re looking for one of the rarest boutique amps around, you need look no farther than the Zinky MOFO Guitar boutique amp.  This amp is very, very rare.  In fact, there were only 100 of them ever made.  zinky-mofo-guitar-boutique-ampEach Zinky MOFO amp is numbered, so you know exactly where in the production line each individual amp fell.  You can also find out if the Zinky MOFO amp you have is an original or a cheap knock-off by this number, too.  Bruce Zinky, the man behind this amazing amp, has stated that no more of them will ever be made.  This means there are only 100 of these amps in the world, and if you have the chance to buy one, don’t even think about it—grab it.

The Zinky MOFO boutique amp uses two 6L6 tubes for power, and it uses up to 60 watts to create some amazing sounds.  The mofo channel pumps out some great crunchy sounds that are very organic in character.  If you switch over to the retro gain channel, you’ll get a different type of crunchy tone.  In the clean channel, you’ll hear that great, full sound.  The Zinky MOFO has absolutely no digital parts at all, and every inch of the amp is hand wired and hand built.

One of the great things about the Zinky MOFO is that it’s a very versatile amp.  It can handle any playing style, and it’s small enough to be carried just about anywhere.  However, even though it’s small and fairly light, it’s not a quiet amp at all!

The price for a Zinky isn’t cheap—you’d be lucky if you find one for around $2,000. (more...)

July 17, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Zinky Mofo — anthony @ 11:37 am

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